Wisdom That Works: How To Use the Messages of Conversations With God

Published by the original publisher of Conversations with God

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For years, every time I would pick up one of the Conversations with God books and dip into the dialogue, I would think to myself, “I wish there was a way to step through this material, one spiritual principle at a time. There should be a way to functionalize the messages that have been given to us here.”

Then into my life along came a lady named Annie Sims. She’s told here of how we first met and what happened after she and her husband Greg and I became friends. But what she hasn’t told you (because she couldn’t possibly know the depth of it) is what it has meant to me to have her do what she wound up doing.

Annie Sims wound up opening the way for people to turn what’s found on the pages of CWG from Concept into Experience, making it a real part of everyday life and not just a collection of wonderful ideas. This has meant more to me than you could know, because now I know that Conversations with God will no longer remain simply thousands of words between book covers, but can now be transformed into thousands of moments bringing thousands of joys into thousands of lives.

Suddenly there is a road map for one of the greatest journeys that anyone could ever take—the journey of creation and self-realization. Here is a traveler’s guide to all the points of interest along the path; a set of directions on which way one can turn at life’s intersections.

Through the years Annie’s in-depth and ongoing study of the 3,000+ pages of the CWG dialogues has made her a wonderfully clear teacher and an inspired spiritual mentor, with a magical ability to form esoteric commentaries into practical recommendations and powerful suggestions that every person can begin to use immediately.

I am grateful to my friend of the soul for creating the online course from which this text emerged, and the book itself, refining the information and offering personal observations that make it come alive through her gift of adding a sweet, gentle and often humorous human touch to divine insights, producing, truly, wisdom that works.

Enjoy what you are about to read. It will serve you now, and through all the remaining years of your life.

– Neale Donald Walsch